A History of the English Language and Colonization

There are many facets to the history of the English language that involve trade and cultural exchange, however there are three distinct recurring themes to the evolution of English: invasion, conquering (or colonizing), and incorporating.

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Depictions of Soviet-Era Communism in American Comics

Representation of the East or Eastern Bloc that was the Soviet Union in Western and American pop culture during and after the Cold War shaped American perception of life and the peoples under communism.  

Dissemination of these Western notions of what Soviet life was like occurred through various types of wide-spread mediums.  

One particular medium that influenced American thought on communism was comics.

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Your birth control might be causing your anxiety and/or depression..

Thankfully, there has been a lot of recent press and studies lately that have been highlighting this information and finally reaching the public.

One of the articles I’ve seen being shared recently on social media is one by Broadly/Vice (“Birth Control Can Make You Feel Terrible About Life, Study Finds.“). And it has helped reaffirm all of the symptoms from the months of hell I was put through.

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