Midge Belickis

On the disturbing consequences from the patriarchy…

and why we need to start raising boys the same as girls.

I’m here to yet again affirm my point that we should not only be furthering education for women to feel shameless and accepted, but we desperately need to be teaching boys.

There are many reasons I keep this webpage written as anonymous; one of which is the ferocity that which ignorant and empowered ‘meninists’ have been targeting and attacking women who express their opinions.

So many recent events have transpired that are truly saddening and horrific.

Violent events have happened in the past year because of girls who publicly stand up for what they believe in, suicides occurring in the lgbtq community, and attacks committed by men who take out their pent up aggression on women for rejecting them.

All of these very tragic events are spurred as consequences from the existence of the patriarchal structure in our society.


Women do not owe men anything.

That is what we need to be teaching boys. This problem is larger than just teaching girls to be “safe,” there needs to be a societal-educational upheaval in the way our children are being taught – not just at school – at home.

Social and cultural norms must change to respect the woman and her body.  This is not an overnight job, but it starts with education.

featured image by Midge Belickis



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