[Unpublished] Review: Domo Genesis – Aren’t U Glad You’re U? (Prod. Evidence)

January 21st, 2018

Rating: 4.0


Odd Future alumni, Domonique Cole or Domo Genesis, and Rhymesayers’, Evidence, create a standout collaboration released through Soundcloud and available for listening/download on DatPiff.


An Evidence-soaked mixtape, it’s hard not to feel like you’re listening to Domo rapping over an Evidence beat tape at times. Which isn’t a bad thing. The Angeleno combination makes for an interesting and dynamic duo. Mixing Evidence’s trademark sample-backed beats with Domo’s innovative verses culminates into an interesting, nuanced, and mature project.


A self-reflective tape, quite literally. “Me Vs. Me” starts off the recurring topic of sorting through one’s own identity. As self-discovery is a guiding subject matter of the project, the title is strung through the tape and repetitively echoed in the background “Aren’t you glad you’re you?”


The subject of defining individuality is powerfully dealt with in “Brake” and “Fuck A Co-Sign.” Both of Cole and Evidence’s energy is potent as the nostalgic production excellently compliments their sentiments. With Domo on “Brake,” “But I don’t feel like the same person lately/ for being glossy-eyed and fake/ keep that bullshit out my face.” And Evidence on “Fuck A Co-Sign.” The tracks bring Domo and Evidence to declare their own independence and identity as artists, and easily ends up being some of the best tracks on the tape.


The only holdback the project seems to exhibit is the lack of breadth in this release that Domo’s projects usually have. There is typically an amount of whimsy and mysticism in way of variety in Cole’s projects, but since this tape was produced solely by one producer, there is only one sound that is defined by the entire tape. In that case, some of the tracks end up blending together instead of standing out individually, which is one of this MellowHigh rapper’s strengths.


This mixtape is set apart from all of Domo’s preceding projects, not necessarily better than the previous, Red Corolla. But in a much different direction from his debut full solo project in 2016, Genesis.  A very multi-genre and Odd Future-influenced first album, Domo’s most recent release has a different energy. It forces the listener to get to know the artist as a matured rapper and live in his angst, rather than exploring the dreamy vibes listeners are used to hearing from him. Collaborating with one of Rhymesayers’ heavy hitters, Aren’t U Glad You’re U? is impressive and distinguished.



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