Depictions of Soviet-Era Communism in American Comics

Representation of the East or Eastern Bloc that was the Soviet Union in Western and American pop culture during and after the Cold War shaped American perception of life and the peoples under communism.  

Dissemination of these Western notions of what Soviet life was like occurred through various types of wide-spread mediums.  

One particular medium that influenced American thought on communism was comics.

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On The Politics of Film Festivals and Non-Western Nations

Since the Era of Exploration and colonization, beginning in the early fifteenth century, the institutionalization of certain Western and ethnocentric ideas have been globally established and implemented.

The current politics that govern the modern world is centrally based on the various ideas that the Western world or “first world” acts as the core and the Global South or “second” and “third world” acts as the periphery areas surrounding the core.  Known as the World Systems Theory, the structure of this theory proceeds to form the culture of the modern globalized society.

These ideas continue to reign over all realms within the modern world, including the politics of circulation and judgement of art and cinema.


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